Salón de la Plástica


By Claudia Andalón

TRActio is one of the collective exhibitions of the second edition of the Salon de la Plástica, which in 2018 travels through different cities in Mexico. In this Series I meets a broad and diverse pictorial stylistic line, product of the personal interpretation of current Mexican artists who after reading the book Contemporary Italian Dramaturgy edited by the Ministry of Culture of Jalisco (SC) in collaboration with the Centro Nazionale di Drammaturgia Italiana Contemporánea (Cendic), they were assigned the visual representation of each monologue included.

By gathering the exhibition we can appreciate the growing contrast between artists and their visions; it is not surprising that the views of the participants hardly converge, can be pigeonholed or have a similar line, given that the diversity of their cultural baggage and multiplicity of experiences, offers a diverse result, in which there is no pattern or graphic line uniform and the audacity of the possibilities manages to be stimulating. Acrylic, oil, watercolor and mixed are the techniques used by visual artists, in which they presented figurative and abstract art with an extensive range of warm as well as cold colors, as well as thin and thick lines that provide a compilation of strictly personal adaptations on the various texts of the Italian playwrights: María Letizia Compatangelo, Aquilino, Enrico BagnatoDuska Bisconti, Angelo CallipoMaura del SerraGennaro FrancioneLuciana LuppiGuglielmo Masetti ZanniniPatricia MonacoLiliana PaganiniLuigi PasarelliMassimiliano PerrottaAntonio SapienzaFlavio Sciole y Angela Villa.

It consists of 13 paintings based on the monologues compiled in the aforementioned book. Both the book and the images were presented last October in Rome. The artists are Emanuel Mendoza, Cecilia Andalón, Marco Sosa, Jacob Flores, César Ramírez y Karla de Lara, recently recognized with several awards in Italy and Mexico. Below are some of the works.


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The Tractio Series I pieces are for sale, more information to the email


The first edition of the Salon de la Plástica 2015 was held at Hotel Misión Guadalajara. Over the course of three months, the work of nearly 30 emerging artists was exhibited.


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